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Toucan-WMS for warehouse management and order picking in e-commerce

E-commerce requires a fluid and efficient supply chain that guarantees extremely short lead times between the validation of the shopping cart and the delivery. Customer satisfaction being one of the key points of the success of an e-commerce platform, it is imperative to be able to respond to the ever increasing demands of consumers: their orders must be processed and delivered as quickly as possible, they must be offered the choice of delivery location, the return of products must be facilitated, etc.

Toucan-WMS allows you to optimize all the steps of the order processing process, to shorten the processing time, while minimizing errors:

  • Toucan-WMS software for the e-commerce sectorManagement of incoming goods from suppliers
  • Bar code labelling of items and storage in the warehouse
  • Optimization of the storage of items by location
  • Real-time display of available inventory
  • Automatic recovery of customer orders via its interface with e-commerce solutions (Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. ...)
  • Massification of picking operations to optimize circulation in the warehouse
  • Preparation of e-commerce orders according to the most suitable mode
  • Detailed packing list
  • Efficient management of customer returns: reception, control and restocking
  • Management of seasonal peaks in activity (sales, Black Friday, holiday periods) by facilitating the use of Toucan-WMS by temporary employees

Toucan-WMS supports the different modes of order preparation in e-commerce

Toucan-WMS allows you to adapt the order preparation mode to the type of items to be processed:

  • Prioritization of urgent orders
  • Launching of mass order preparations as they happen
  • Single or multi-order preparation according to a direct pick mode (articles picked immediately put in the final packaging) or a step-by-step mode (picking of articles, distribution by rack and then packing at the end of the preparation)
    Wave picking of products (articles collected in bulk for several orders) followed by the packing stage


Toucan-WMS integrates with e-commerce and carrier platforms

To be fast and efficient, it is essential to have a computerized data exchange (via international standard EDI or Web Services) between the various participants in the supply chain.

Toucan-WMS connects to your merchant site to automatically retrieve the orders received and to update the data in real time Order status (in preparation, shipped), stock availability, ...

Toucan-WMS also connects to the various carriers' platforms to manage the shipment of orders (retrieval of SSCC tracking numbers, creation and printing of shipping labels) and to ensure the follow-up (tracking of packages).